• About Kujo tokyo

    Kujo Tokyo is a kitchen where you get to enjoy making Japanese cuisine together using authentic ingredients from all around Japan.

    Sushi / Curry / Ramen / Homemade cuisine / Tofu / etc.

    In addition to lunch classes, we also offer tea time cultural classes where you can enjoy seasonal sweets and Japanese tea after practicing tea ceremony or calligraphy etc.

    ★It also supports vegans.

    For example, ramen, curry, soybean dishes such as tofu, vegetable sushi

    At 5:00pm, our Bar opens

    The bar restaurant is open from Monday through Sunday from 5pm untill 11pm, offering delicious food that are prepared using mostly organic ingredients. Come enjoy delicious food, sake and Japanese wine.

    & events

    Movie night

    Talk events

    Acoustic live

    Open mic

    Talk about food around the world


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    Buke sado Experience

    (Samurai-tea ceremony)

    every month 1st Saturday & Sunday 1:00PM~4:00PM

    Buke-sado Sekishu-ryu(Samurai-tea ceremony workshop)

    Sekishu-ryu was the official tea ceremony style in the Edo castle. 

    (from theTokugawa 4th shogunate's era1665〜 to the end of the Edo piriod1867)
    Sado was very important culture for Samurai because it was needed as
    a social manner and also as a mental training, to always have a carm mind , to be mindfulness.

    This tradition still being continued now, so we can enjoy it.

    4/13(Mon) 10:30am Vegan Ramen&Gyoza making experience

    If you want to experience, please make a reservation by e-mail.
    7,700 yen per person (

    included tax)

    more Japanese cuisine cooking

    If you want to experience, please make a reservation by e-mail.
    Sushi, Oshi-sushi, Kazari-sushi, Curry, Ramen, Tofu, Japanese homemade cooking etc.

  • Experience Programs

    Make Japanese Cuisine & Experience Japanese Culture--Also supports vegan.

    In order to adjust the schedule of the lecturer, please make a reservation 2 weeks in advance if possible.

    🔶The Foundation of Japanese Gastronomy is Soybeans.


    You will get to learn how to make tofu and indulge in various Japanese home style soybean dishes. Vegan option available.

    ◆Participation fee 9000 yen (Tax included, 2 people or more)

    ★It also supports vegans.

    🔶Let’s Make Sushi


    We will make standard nigiri sushi set including fresh seafood & vegetable. You’ll be welcomed into the traditional house.

    ◆Participation fee 9000 yen (Tax included, 2 people or more)

    ★It also supports vegans.

    🔶Oshizushi is Popular & Traditional Sushi Style


    In this class, the students will get to take on making the original traditional style of sushi, Oshizushi (box pressed style sushi).

    ◆Participation fee 9000 yen (Tax included, 2 people or more)

    ★It also supports vegans.


    Kazari-sushi is a beatiful decoration sushi

    Kazari-sushi is a professional sushi.

    But a good teacher will teach carefully.

    ◆Participation fee 9000 yen (Tax included, 2 people or more)

    ◆10:30~12 ;30

    🔶Let’s Make Curry

    The curry making experience can also accommodate vegans.

    Today, Japanese curry is one of the most popular dishes in the world. Let's enjoy together from spice selection.

    only Saturday & Sunday.
    ★ Please contact us if you would like to experience curry with vegans.

    ◆Participation fee 9000 yen (Tax included, 2 people or more)

    ◆10:30~12 ;30

    ★It also supports vegans.

    🔶Vegan Ramen & Gyoza


    You will get to make vegan ramen & gyoza. It is very delicious.

    ◆Participation fee 9000 yen (Tax included, 2 people or more)

    🔶Let’s Eat Fish from the Morning fish Market


    The basics of Japanese cooking, you will get to prepare your very own plate of sashimi and make your very own miso soup using the freshest ingredients and real wasabi from the morning market.

    ◆Unfortunately we don't have one at the moment.

    🌱Sadoh — Matcha Tea Ceremony


    You will get to participate in a tea ceremony and enjoy matcha tea that has been prepared by the master.

    ◆Participation fee 6000 yen (Tax included, 2 people or more)


    Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday,


    Participants will get to learn the basics and partake in Japanese calligraphy. Complimentary seasonal Japanese sweets or fruits, and exquisite organic Japanese tea will be served after the class.

    ◆Participation fee 6000 yen (Tax included, 2 people or more)

    🔶Miso Making Made Easy


    It's a miso making made easy. After making your own miso, you will get to enjoy various miso dishes. Vegan option available.

    ◆Unfortunately we don't have one at the moment.

    🔶Let’s Make Dashi (Japanese basic soup)


    Dashi is a must for making Japanese food like, miso soup, clear soup and stew. Kombu, katsuobushi, various types of dried sardines, dried shiitake mushrooms, etc. [Experience] You will get to try at making your own dashi stock. [Meal] Stew, rice, miso soup and other dishes that change every class.

    ◆Unfortunately we don't have one at the moment.

    🔶more other

    You will surely find what you want to do on your trip to Japan!

    Making food samples

    Gourd Lamp making
    Seasonal cuisine in Japanese home


    ◆Participation fee 5000~9000 yen (Tax included, 3 people or more)

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  • reach out

    Please write the course you would like to experience, the desired date, the number of participants, and contact us using the email form below.


      Kujo Tokyo   1-2-10. 2F. Yanaka Taito-ku Tokyo


  • Special events

    Every week Kujo Tokyo holds varieties of events

    Around the World Through Food x Connect

    Twice a month, we pick a country, an area, a city, their food and culture and have meetups and talk about everything and anything food related.
    ■Coming up themes:

    Taiwan②: Taiwanese Sweets

    [11/24(sat) 19:00-21:00]
    India: The movie, Lunchbox and Lunch

    [10/3(wed) 19:00-21:00]
    Korea: Honpup, Dining Solo

    Yuru-fuwa Yoga

    Your body stiff? Sore shoulders? Not getting a good nights' sleep? All are welcome! Why not realign your body and mind and go after that well balanced and sound body. Soft, fluid but sound yoga class is now open. It's on every second & fourth Thursday.

    ■Coming up

    [4/11(thu) 13:30-15:00]

    [4/25(thu) 13:30-15:00]

    Open mic

    If you want to get better at playing an instrument, you can join the fun. Full of beginners, so of course we all suck. Let's back each other up and get better as a group. The door's open to anyone. Acoustic instruments only. It's on every fourth Monday.

    ■Coming up

    [1/28(mon) 19:00-21:00]

    Talk show

    Kujo Tokyo’s talk show takes on variety themes & serious themes and talk about them casually.

    ■Next themes

    31 words poet, Hikaru Onoda publish first book

    [12/22(sat) 18:30-20:00] 

    ■Last themes

    The lion in the cage.

    [9/18(tue) 18:30-21:00]

    Yanaka Cherry blossom viewing

    After walking around cherry blossom at yanakareien. After coming back KUJO TOKYO You will eat Japanese sweets.

    ■Coming up

    [3/27(wed)~4/7 14:30-16:00]


    Live shows,

    Movie Night (4/14 14:00)

      Japanese short films

    Rakugo (3/31 16:00)

      traditional comic storytelling

    & etc.